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exciting moments in the tenth month of my Peaceworker year

1 Jul

Great to hear from the New York QUNO Peaceworkers (below)!

Here are a few exciting moments from the tenth month of my Peaceworker year:

On 14 June the book I had been editing for War Resisters’ International for about eight months – Sowing Seeds: The Militarisation of Youth and How to Counter It – was published. The launch event at Housmans bookshop (the ground floor of the building where WRI and my other placement organisation, ForcesWatch, are based) was really well attended, and it was very nice – if a little bizarre – to see something I’d work on for so long to come alive, and to see people’s interest in it. For the blurb, and to buy a copy (it’s only £5!), go to

Two days after the book launch I went on holiday to a village outside Madrid where I stayed with a vegan, peace activist, puppeteer, and not-far-off self sufficient (in terms of food growing) couple, helping them in the garden and around the house in exchange for bed, food, and lots of great conversation (almost all in Spanish). My time at WRI has inspired me to try and become fluent in Spanish, and whilst I was in Spain I met up with the very welcoming WRI affiliate group AA.MOC (, plugging the book, and then going out for food and beer) and the equally welcoming Madrid Quakers (thanks to this website:

On my return I went straight to Bangor in North Wales with Rhiannon, to talk to the Quaker Meeting there about our Peaceworker experiences. It’s a beautiful region (mountains and sea next to each other), and the Quaker we stayed with and those at our talk were very friendly and engaged. 

It’s been a good month for me. 


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